10 Irish Whiskey Cocktails

While scrolling through my Twitter feed a day before St. Patrick’s Day, this post from Food & Wine, (which originally appeared on Liquor.com) caught my eye.  You see, over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to come up with a post about my favorite “holiday”.  My ancestry is a hodge-podge of a bunch of Western European countries, primarily consisting of German, Irish, and English.  I’m so white, I’m damn near transparent, so every year I get to celebrate with my pasty ancestral cousins (and all the pasty Chicagoans) and tip one back for good ol’ St. Patrick.

I’m far from a teetotaler, and one of my personal favorite spirits is Irish whiskey (though it’s second only to some good old American bourbon).  Irish whiskey hits the palate like a soft Irish lass; sweet and mild, but with enough kick to make it interesting.  These cocktails are bound to put a smile on your face and have most certainly put me in the mood for some quality time with my liquor cabinet.

Photos and content courtesy of Liquor.com

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