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A few months ago, when I got the thought into my head that I wanted to start writing about booze as a way to experience new things, I started doing some research on the best way to sample new types of alcohol.  I knew all about the wine clubs and I had seen a few craft beer monthly subscription services coming online, but I hadn’t seen anything for spirits.  With advertisers being like the all-knowing, all-seeing eye of Sauron, my searching habits soon lumped me into a bucket of people who were interested in subscription boxes and wouldn’t you know it, a few days later I saw my first ad for Flaviar.

From there, it was a few weeks before I was able to convince Mrs. Drunkard to let me spend more of our money on booze, however, I overcame and here we are.  I signed up at the end of January, anticipating that this subscription would become part of a monthly series and I would kick-off my blog with my review.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  You see, what Flaviar fails to mention is that their tasting boxes are currently being shipped from international locations, so depending on your location, the shipment can take quite some time to arrive at your doorstep.  My original confirmation email stated that my box would arrive in 2-8 days and 14 business days later, the tracking on my shipment had stalled and there was no update.  My guess is that customs was being uber thorough and decided that the box looked so cool that they wanted to keep it on their desks for awhile.

flaviar tasting boxFinally, almost a month to the day that my tasting box shipped, it arrived at my door.  Inside were three different samples based on the taste profile I filled out when I signed up.  They sent an Irish Whiskey (Writer’s Tears), a Millet Whiskey (KOVAL), and a Scotch Whiskey (Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban).

With the exception of the scotch (which I do enjoy on occasion, but not a first choice for me), these selections all fit really well with my ratings and profile.  Sadly, I had to wait for a few days until I was able to sit down and sample all of them.

I was able to convince Mrs. Drunkard to sample these with me, writers-tears-flaviar-tastingso we picked a night and decided we would start light and work our way to the heavier stuff.  So we started with the Writer’s Tears, which reminded me of most Irish Whiskey’s, with a smooth, sweet and mellow aroma.  Being a huge fan of Jameson, I was slightly disappointed with Writer’s Tears.  It didn’t hit me or satisfy my tastebuds the way Teeling or Jameson does.  That didn’t stop me from continuing to enjoy the jar, though.

koval-millet-flaviar-sampleNext up, we went with the KOVAL Millet Whiskey.  If you’ve read my KOVAL Distillery review, you’ll know that this isn’t a new whiskey to me, though Mrs. Drunkard had only ever had their bourbon and their special edition Mikkeller collaboration (which, if you haven’t had, I highly recommend purchasing before it’s gone), so the millet was a surprise to her.  After having a larger tasting, I’m pleased to say that I really do enjoy it and the whiskey provides a unique flavor that many whiskey lovers are sure to enjoy neat, or on the rocks.

glenmorangie-quinta-ruban-flaviarFinally, it came time for the scotch.  As I mentioned, I’m not the biggest fan of scotch, though I’ve been known to imbibe on occasion as the moment calls.  The Glenmorangie was darker and heavier than the other two and significantly more smokey.  Mrs. Drunkard took a single sip and had to pass on this one.  I liked it, but the flavor burned on the front end, though was really mellow and smooth on the back.  While it took me a while to finish this glass, I can certainly appreciate the complexity that went into making it.

Overall, I was impressed with the selection of the Flaviar box and I felt they did a great job of reading my flavor profile and sending me options that would compliment my tastes.  My biggest frustration was the lack of transparency in the actual shipping times of tasting boxes.  I signed at the end of January, and ended up missing my February box because I still hadn’t received my first.  The next tasting box will ship at the end of March, so I’m hoping I don’t have a similar experience this time around.  If you would like more information, please visit their site at


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