Drinks to Impress: Guys Weekend MadHattan


One of my favorite hobbies, outside of drinking, is video games.  On occasion, I’m able to mix the two and have a guys weekend with my gaming buddy and kick the kids and wife out of the house for some serious marathon sessions.  This time, I wanted the weekend to be unique, rather than sticking with beer and bourbon on the rocks.  So it was on a date night with my wife a few weeks back that I stumbled upon this cocktail and immediately fell in love.  Now, I didn’t completely rip off the recipe, I made it my own, but the base was easy to replicate.


The MadHattan is a combination of a traditional Manhattan and an Old Fashioned.  If you’ve read a few of my posts, you’ll know that these are my two go-to cocktails when I’m looking to relax and don’t want to think too much about preparing something unique.  The difference is that instead of simple syrup to add sweetness, and bitters and a muddled orange to kick the orange flavor, I went with Grand Marnier.  The liqueur gives the drink a little kick of sweet and bitter, while not taking away from the whiskeys too much.


2oz Bourbon
2oz Rye
2.5oz Grand Marnier
Orange and Maraschino cherry garnish

Chill your desired glass by resting some ice in the glass while you prep.  Mix all ingredients in an iced stirring glass and stir with bar spoon until chilled and mixed well.  Remove ice from chilled glass and strain.  Garnish with orange and Maraschino cherry.

You can substitute the bourbon for any number of American whiskeys (I haven’t experimented with anything else, though I imagine most whiskey would go well with this cocktail) and you could even substitute Grand Marnier for any sort of Triple Sec type of liqueur (Cointreau comes to mind) to add the sweetness. I’d recommend staying away from the more syrupy ones though, as it can make the cocktail a bit thick, which just feels awkward when drinking.

This cocktail goes well with any occasion and was particularly well suited for my guys weekend, providing just the right mix of sweetness to allow for all day drinking and enough put-some-hair-on-your-chest manly spirit to not feel like you’re drinking appletinis.

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