Drinks to Impress: Tequila Sunrise

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Having come to terms with tequila, and forgiving it for making my college years hell, I’ve embarked on a journey of discovery through the world of all things tequila.  I’ve tried a few mezcal recipes, but nothing has stuck out to me just yet, so I figured I’d start off a little easier and go with a drink that not only looks pretty, but is quite delicious and refreshing for spring and summer.

The Tequila Sunrise provides a refreshing alternative to the mint-heavy cocktails of spring (or the lemonade mixed beers).  My only suggestion is to go easy on these.  The orange juice and the grenadine can wreck havoc on your stomach (unless you’ve got a cast-iron stomach that doesn’t react to acidic drinks) and the tequila WILL sneak up on you quickly.  While preparing this post, I shared 3 of them with Mrs. Drunkard and almost immediately regretted it.  Though, I may have poured a little heavy on the tequila…

Tequila Sunrisetequila sunrise

2oz tequila
4oz orange juice
1tsp grenadine

Mix orange juice and tequila in a shaker full of ice (you can also use a stir jar to avoid diluting your drink with crushed ice) and mix/stir.  Pour mixture over ice and dribble grenadine down the side of the glass.  You want to avoid pouring the grenadine directly on top, as you’ll want it to settle at the bottom of the glass to give the layered look.  I typically use a spoon, which has worked really well for me (flip the spoon upside down so the bowl portion faces your drink and place the end of the spoon against the glass. Dribble the grenadine over the top, allowing the grenadine to flow down the end of the spoon).  It may take a little practice to get right.  I’d also highly recommend you use a homemade grenadine, as the store bought stuff tends to be thicker and have a ton more sugar, but to each his own.  Garnish with a maraschino cherry and an orange.  Don’t forget the stabby thing to keep them together and easily accessible.

I used Avion Blanco as my base for this, though I’ve seen people use all types of tequila.  The next time I make this, I’ll be experimenting with a Reposado to gauge the difference in taste.  With the Kentucky Derby coming up in a little less than a week, bust this out instead of a julep and watch your friends trip over themselves to make more.

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