Drinks to Impress: Moscow Mule


The Moscow Mule seems to have been riding a resurgence over the last few years.  The cocktail is super simple to make, but it will impress, nonetheless.  I’m sure it has more to do with the copper mug than anything else.  With that said, you can add a twist of your own to make it a little more unique.  What I like to add is a bit of mint, which gives the drink a refreshing kick.


Again, super simple to make:
2oz Vodka
2oz Lime Juice
6oz Ginger Beer
Mint Leaf


I muddle half a lime and a few mint leaves in the bottom of the mug.  Pour the vodka over the muddled lime and mint (remove the rind, it just makes things more difficult if you don’t).  Top off the mug with ginger beer and stir.  Feel free to play around with the mixture.  A half lime gives me about an ounce of lime juice, so I’ll typically mix the drink and then squeeze a bit more lime juice in if necessary, to taste.

Sip and enjoy.  Have an awesome weekend!

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